May 21, 2016

Seven Fields, Pa

Team Junqueira Marcelo Garcia Association Pittsburgh, Pa

Team Junqueira Morgantown coach and co-owner Neale Hoerle received his Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt this past Saturday from business partner and Head Coach Professor Rodrigo Junqueira, a 2nd degree Black belt under renowned Jiu Jitsu legend Paulo Rezende (Brazil). Neale's Jiu Jitsu training began in 1996 when there were no instructors available in the area.  For years Neale would travel abroad to learn the art and supplement the rest of his training with instructional videos.  Neale is no stranger to hard work and patience as his Jiu Jitsu experience spans 20 years!  Taking only 4 years off at the time of his sons birth Neale has been in the game non-stop ever since!  Truly an inspiring story that spans a period of time 4 times longer than most academics spend on their Doctorates or Phd's.  Neale is an inspiration to his students and a strong member of the community.  Please take a moment to congratulate him on this milestone achievement!