“Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more” - Shakespeare 

Since retiring from competition in 2015 Coach Neale Hoerle has dedicated his time and energy to growing the Academy and bettering his skills. As a reward for his efforts Head Coach Rodrigo Junqueira honored him as his second Black Belt in 2016 and opened the door to the next level of dedication and training he would experience.  One year has passed since that day and barring the exception of the New York Spring Open (April 2017) Coach Hoerle has not seriously competed since early 2015.  Today that changes as Coach Hoerle has announced that he will return to IBJJF Competition, beginning this July, at the IBJJF New York Summer Int. Open. Not one to rest Coach Hoerle will be following up his return performance with the IBJJF World Master's Championships, the following month, in Las Vegas Nevada.  We would like to wish him good luck and God speed as he sets out, once agin, on what will surely be a difficult and epic journey!  Oss!  

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