CHILDREN'S CLASSES in session now!

Discipline, respect, physical fitness and control are our primary teaching goals here at Team Jumqueira.  Your child will learn how to tumble and fall correctly as well as build strength and balance through the drills they will preform daily.  Though we NEVER teach punching and kicking your child will learn joint locks,  take downs,  throws and proper positioning to neutralize any attacker.  


Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, also known as  'THE GENTLE ART'  is a combative system that utilizes physics, leverage and angles to help small (sometimes weaker) combatants overcome larger and stronger opponents.  Though we do not advocate the use of violence we do encourage our children to "Stand their ground" and defend themselves when necessary.   Although getting help from a teacher or adult is the preferred method it is not always an option.  Insure your child's safety in these unfortunate circumstances by giving them the tools they need to defend themselves!  




Through tumbling and other movements in class your child will increase their balance, dexterity and body awareness.  The activities are designed to be fun, challenging and ever changing so your little one will stay engaged both physically and mentally.

a way of life

Once Jiu- Jitsu becomes a part of your child's life proper diet and nutrition is just around the bend.  Encourage your child to clean up their diet!  No soda, chips or cookies here (Unless it's a classmates birthday!  Shhh!)!  We discuss fitness and good food choices from time to time.  They are never to young to appreciate clean eating!

Not just for BOYS

In fact women's participation in the sport has more than doubled over the last few years! Jiu Jitsu is for EVERYONE!  Learn how BJJ can be a much more effective personal defense strategy than most other systems available today.  Believe in the technique.  Learn how to defend yourself today!



Though NEVER REQUIRED some children choose to compete.  Competition in BJJ is one of the most pure competition experiences your child can ever have. Winning is a triumph... while not winning can be tough it provides valuable life lessons.  We encourage our children to do their BEST every day - on and off the mat.  In this mindset we learn that sometimes we win, and sometimes we lose but the life lesson gained is that trying your hardest is what you can be most proud of!  Enjoy the video below of some of the best juvenile BJJ competitors on the planet!  Oss!