Mitchell, 4 years old, was diagnosed on September 28th with a Wilms Tumor and is currently in treatment for Stage III Kidney Cancer.   Wilms tumor is a relatively rare cancer with about 500 cases diagnosed each year in the U.S.   Mitchell went through 6 weeks of chemotherapy to reduce the tumor so surgeons could remove the cancerous kidney.   After several months of treatment, the tumor shrunk just enough for the kidney to be removed.

Following his kidney removal, Mitchell now has 4 months of radiation and chemotherapy.   The treatment includes cycles of 5 inpatient chemotherapy days and 2 weeks of outpatient chemotherapy.

Mitchell is a sweet, fun, loving, super hero, ready to fight and defeat this challenge.   The Montgomery’s, a family of five, are facing mounting medical bills and need your support to win this fight.

Head Coach Neale Hoerle is spear-heading a fundraising program to collect money for the family and their mounting medical bills.  Click the link below to learn more and help support this noble cause.