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"Brazilian jiu jitsu is a complex martial art that challenges students both physically and mentally. There are endless techniques and concepts to learn. A simple movement of the hand can be the difference between... " 



You're here because you'd like to try something new... something different and fun!  Maybe you'd like to meet new people and get off the couch all while doing something challenging, beneficial and completely life changing.  So many times Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gyms are content discussing the physical and mental benefits of Jiu Jitsu without considering the reason or events that may have brought you here in the first place!  Simply stated they can lose sight of promoting the FUN aspects of Jiu Jitsu!  Yes, Jiu Jitsu is complex, intense, physical and even difficult at times but it is also a great deal of fun and it does have the power to transform your life forever!

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Above excerpt - Arsenault, Sally.  Beginning BJJ: Solutions For First Year Problems.